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Catholic Charities USA

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2050 Ballenger Avenue
Suite 400
Alexandria,  VA 22314
Phone: 703-549-1390

Our member agencies work together to create hope, strengthen families, reduce poverty, and build communities regardless of religion, race or socioeconomic status of clients.

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Real Life Story

Catholic Charities USA, through its agencies, contributes to the welfare of our nation in numerous ways, providing vital health and human services to 10,270,292 Americans within the past year. This information is key to helping people understand the value that Catholic Charities as a network provides on a nationwide scale.

Each of the individuals served has their own success story to share, based on programs and services provided by our network. Their progress or success doesn't just derive from the many effective and innovative services we provide, but also from how we provide them.

Understanding that each person has dignity and inherent worth is the foundation for the quality relationships between Catholic Charities consumers, staff, and volunteers that ultimately helps people overcome their challenges and achieve a better life. Walking with people on this journey is not always easy. In fact, it is usually hard; but it is also a privilege, as people allow us into their lives, put their trust in us, teach us valuable lessons, and reward us with their success and gratitude. Your generous support of Catholic Charities USA and our agencies is critical to the people in need who count on us every day.

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