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Aid for African Catholic Missions

(aka) Living Waters International

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P.O. Box 614
Antigo,  WI 54409
Phone: 866-220-8981

Alleviate human suffering among the poor and marginalized in East Africa. Help supply basic human/spiritual needs; build churches, schools, health clinics and youth hostels.

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Real Life Story

"In the mission of Iyolwa, Uganda, the support which we receive from A4ACM is changing the lives of many young orphans. The children who hang around at lunch break during school have nothing to eat at home, so we provide for them a warm meal and educational supports. How can a child learn something when their stomach is empty? It is here that A4ACM is helping and our children are very grateful for empowering them in their daily lives. Together we are building a new generation of Ugandans. May our merciful Father bless you all abundantly!"
-Fr. Thomas Chozhithara Varghese, MSFS-

"Radio Habari Njema acknowledges the support given to us through A4ACM. Our evangelical efforts would not be possible without them. Through A4ACM funding, we are reaching nearly ten million people daily, and with their collaborative efforts, we are empowering women, running programs for bible studies in Small Christian Communities, and teaching Catholic doctrine. A4ACM embraces the poor and marginalized with the heart of God! As program director, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to them for edifying the people of God in Africa."
-Sr. Lucy Sungu, Sisters of the Good News, Mbulu Diocese, Tanzania-

"After our children were grown and left home, we thought sponsoring a child through A4ACM would be a wonderful way to stay involved in a child's life, especially a child who giving to can make such a difference. Esther's letters and beautiful drawings express great faith, and they bring us much joy. We look forward to her progress reports and when she is finished with her studies, we look forward to helping another child through A4ACM." -Jeff & Julie Zalewski-Antigo, WI-

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